Project for Awesome 2023: Our favorite videos!

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3 min readFeb 17, 2023

Project for Awesome 2023 has been HUGE — the Nerdfighteria community has already raised over $1 Million for charity in just a few hours! Voting for who will receive a P4A grant closes Sunday at 12pm ET (that’s noon!) — which means that you still have time to vote for all our videos and help us win up to $25,000 to support our work to turn fans into heroes!

Every year, folks around the globe make videos to share their love of nonprofit organizations doing good in the world, and we’re always honored to be one of them. We’re blown away each year by the incredible creativity that goes into these videos! Here are some of our favorites for 2023:

Four people are on screen: Christie (Druid), Ash (DM), Evie (Bard), and Kerrie (Fighter) and they are all seen celebrating in various ways: smiling, clapping, and laughing.

Fandom Forward vs. World Suck: Project 4 Awesome 2023 by Ash Clayson

Ash, Christie, Evie, and Kerrie using Fandom Forward’s toolkits, trainings, and campaigns to journey on an epic adventure to defeat the Big Bad of their realm: World Suck. Will they succeed? Watch to find out…

Mary, wearing a gray shirt with dark gray text that says, “Wizard Activist” is standing next to a poster that says “Books turn muggles into wizards. The Harry Potter Alliance.” against a green wall. She is saying, “The weapon we have is love.”

Fandom Forward | Project for Awesome 2023 by Mary Clow

Long-time Fandom Forward volunteer Mary addresses fan activists everywhere, reminding us that the weapon we have is love! Mary knows first-hand what makes Fandom Forward such a special place and why you should vote for us!

A white, black, and brown dog sitting on a green blanket is trying to catch (digital) dollar bills that are falling across the screen. Subtitles say: “My mama is the treasurer and makes sure Fandom Forward has the funds to do all those neat things.”

Project for Awesome 2023 — Fandom Forward

Project for Awesome? More like Project for PAWesome. Watch Maddi’s adorable pup Archie tell us all about why you should vote for Fandom Forward. Somehow he made a video even though he doesn’t have thumbs, which we think is extremely impressive.

A person wearing a red plaid shirt is looking into the camera while moving their pointer finger down the screen as text appears. The text says Fandom Forward 2022 in Review: Marvelous Mental Health Fest, Our Flag Means Queer Rights, One Vote Protects, Book Defenders.

Project for Awesome 2023 // Fandom Forward

We don’t know about you, but if this is what our For You page looked like all the time, we’d be thrilled. Claire, Evie, and Jessica from Team TikTok put together a Fandom Forward inspired compilation of videos about our favorite campaigns, fandoms, merch, and of course, some silly dancing with the one and only TikTok Sensation Hank Green.

Hedy is sitting on a polka dot bed in a black shirt and brown pants doing finger guns at the camera. Big teal text is taking up half of the screen on the left and says, “Don’t forget to be awesome.”

Fandom Forward | Project4Awesome by HEDYTF

“So now that we’ve gotten the millennial pause out of the way…” is a perfect way to start a video 👌 A+, no notes. Hear directly from one of our awesome volunteers about their personal journey with Fandom Forward!

Ready to help? Vote for each of our videos, all of which can be found here! You can vote for every Fandom Forward video, right now, and every day of the Project for Awesome, through Sunday at 12pm ET (that’s noon, not midnight!).

Want to do more? Get your friends and family to vote for our videos. You can write to them in your own words, or borrow some inspiration by using our email and social media toolkit! If you post about us, be sure to tag us (@fandomforward on Twitter and TikTok and @TheHPAlliance on Instagram) and use the hashtag #P4A2023 to get the most out of this magical weekend!

Happy Project for Awesome!!


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