This Week in Wizard Activism: All About the Project for Awesome!

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The Project for Awesome is Hereeeeee!!!

A gif of John & Hank Green, creators of the Project for Awesome, doing the Nerdfighter hand signal.

Happy Project for Awesome, everyone! If you’re unaware, Project for Awesome (P4A) is an annual online charity event that was created by John & Hank Green in 2007. During Project for Awesome, thousands of people post videos about and advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. Throughout the Project for Awesome weekend (this year December 15–17th), the community (that’s you!) promotes and votes for their favorite videos and raises money for charity through an Indiegogo Campaign!

The Indiegogo page is already live and you can start donating now! Funds raised during this first half of the campaign gets split between two charities: Save the Children & Last Mile Health. Funds raised during the second half of the campaign will do to the top charities as voted on by the community!

That sounds awesome! How can I help The Harry Potter Alliance get a P4A grant?

A gif of Darren Criss as Harry Potter (from A Very Potter Musical) singing “…and it’s gonna be totally awesome!” He’s right! The Project for Awesome is a magical time!

I’m glad you asked. Here are some ways you can help us during this awesome event:

1. Have you made a video supporting the HPA yet?

You’ve still got until today at noon Eastern Standard Time to complete your Project For Awesome video. Need some tips? Check out our Project For Project For Awesome page for a complete guide to making the most effective video. Plus, learn how you can win some wizardly swag. We even made some custom thumbnails for you to use so everyone will know your video was made by a wizard activist.

Don’t think you have time to make a video before today at noon? Here’s a little insider tip: you can post your video any time until the end of P4A on Sunday the 17th. But the sooner you post, the more time people will have to vote on it!

2. Ask someone else to make a video for the HPA!

Know of someone who you think could make an awesome P4A video in support the HPA? Share our page with them and ask them to join the fun! The more videos we have supporting the HPA, the more times people can vote for us to win a grant from P4A.

3. Speaking of…vote for our videos!

A gif of Lin-Manuel Miranda saying: “There is nothing more important than to vote.” Truer words have not been spoken!

The easiest way to support us during this weekend is to vote for all of the videos about the HPA, as often as you can! In the end, the charities with the most votes are the ones that get the grants…so this part is essential!

4. Spread the word!

Ask friends, family, and coworkers to also vote during Project for Awesome! Share our tweets and Facebook posts! When you go grocery shopping ask the people in line: “Have you heard of the Project for Awesome?” Anything you can do to spread the word is extremely helpful!

What’s happening in the wider wizarding world?

A gif of actor Andy Samberg giving a thumbs up! Lots of good news in the world this week!

SO. MANY. Volunteer Opportunities!!!

A gif of actor Neil Patrick Harris in front of a sign that says “Volunteer of the Year.” You can all be Volunteers of the Year in our heart!!!

We’ve got some really great volunteer opportunities with the HPA! Including

  • Chapters Liasions
  • Social Media Copywriters
  • Chapters Outreach Specialist
  • Street Team Project Leader
  • Resource Developer/Translator
  • Numerous positions working on our quarterly publication: the Wizard Activist News Dispatch (WAND)

Learn more about these positions, including instructions for how to apply here!




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